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Debbie Tesar

"People have already been notified that their homes will be taken."

The Leonel Castillo is the heart of the Near Northside neighborhood. Residents gather for meetings and celebrations. They walk and bike along White Oak Bayou and enjoy the view of the Downtown Houston skyline. North Main Street is filled with beautiful, historic buildings that are worth preserving.

The I-45 expansion will add more concrete and destroy the heart of the Near Northside community. Residents will lose full access because the North Main Street exit will be closed. They will be forced to change travel habits drastically and are concerned with increased traffic through the community, especially near schools. They are also concerned about cemeteries and displacement. People have already been notified that their homes will be taken. Those who have not will have the freeway in their backyard.

"The highway is getting bigger, noisier, and smoggier which is a recipe for disaster."

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